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Bodega: the word conjures romanticized images of a boîte, café, bistro, delicatezza, trattoria, or any variety of dining establishments that serve characteristic viands and potables, reflective of their locale.

In reality, a Bodega is either a winery or wine shop. Since the 14th Century, bodegas, as wine merchants, have existed in España. A vintner would open a shop in his home for the tasting and sale of his wines. Eventually, many vintners would come together to offer their wines, thus “creating” the need for the wine merchant. In the 16th Century, these vintners and wine merchants, gathering together, would provide breads, cheeses, fruits and other complimentary items for their customers to sample and purchase from their inventory.

The concept soon spread throughout the European and African coasts of the western Mediterranean basin and, quite rapidly, throughout the newly-founded Spanish and Portuguese colonies in the New World. The derivative words: bottega, bodigue, botteguita… would become incorporated into the various languages.

In the traditional sense, a bodega is not a restaurant, nor is it a grocery. It is a wine shop, but the acquired traditions of dining and sampling have, since the 19th Century, become firmly established in bodegas. Many of the great wine producers on the Iberian Peninsula refer to their wineries as bodegas.

imported winesLa Bodega Hampton is the neighborhood gathering place in downtown Hampton, Virginia where you can have an healthy, delicious meal; listen to good music; enjoy the eclectic decor; and relax in our living room, while browsing the finest, most reasonably-priced wine inventory in Southeastern Virginia.

We also feature freshly made sandwiches and catering services from our delicatessen. Our indoor dining and outdoor patio dining can comfortably seat parties up to 75 persons. After-hour private parties and meetings are welcome!

For fine wines and beers, cheeses, chocolates and freshly-made bread, come to La Bodega Hampton today!

la bodega hampton

Our Inventory is comprised of:

• Imported and Domestic Wines
• Imported and Domestic Beers
• Virginia beverages and foods
• Freshly-baked French Loaves
• Gourmet Cheeses
• Gourmet Gift Items
• Gift Baskets

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Store Hours of Operation:

Monday – Thursday: 7:30 am – 4:00 pm

Friday: 7:30 am – 9:00 pm

Saturday: 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Closed major holidays